Barbora Sourkova

Integrating Telephony Systems with Salesforce: Insights and Considerations, Barbora Sourkova, 201 level

This talk focuses on the practical aspects of integrating various telephony systems with Salesforce, drawing on examples from implementations in the Czech scene. It aims to inform attendees about the spectrum of telephony solutions available, from small to large scale, and their compatibility with Salesforce.

The presentation will highlight key considerations for selecting a telephony provider that integrates smoothly with Salesforce, including important questions to support the decision-making process. It will also discuss methods for integrating existing telephony systems with Salesforce, aimed at companies contemplating or in the process of adopting this CRM platform.

The discussion is designed to provide a straightforward overview of the steps and considerations involved in telephony and Salesforce integration, with an emphasis on functionality, compatibility, and the practical experiences of Czech companies.