What is CzechDreamin?

Community-led event about Salesforce technology in Czech Republic. One-day event in English not just for Czech community but everyone who wants to make a trip to Prague, to learn something new and enjoy something old at the same time.

We organised first event in 2019 and it was a big hit, based on the feedback we got. You can check the brochure with details about sessions as well as photos.

Who is behind?

Nothing happen itself and this event is no exception. There is a team of passionate people who make the whole day possible.

Petr Mudroch – I am participating in CzechDreamin event organization for fun and returning something useful back to the great Czech Salesforce community. Hope you will enjoy it!

Kristyna Turner – I visited a couple of “Salesforce” events in Prague and was quite disappointed with the content and overall event structure. Those events were delivered in the Czech language, which I thought was a missed opportunity for our ex-pat community and neighboring countries. CzechDreamin is the first Salesforce conference organized by the Salesforce community in this beautiful country. It is an absolute pleasure to be part of this team!

Lukas Razim – I do Salesforce for more than 4 years, my experience is primarily from foreign projects and before I found Salesforce I wasn’t sure about my professional life. Now-a-days I have great time and want to give back, that’s why I help with CzechDreamin.

Martin Humpolec – when I visited my first community event about Salesforce abroad I fell in love and knew I want to bring it to Czech Republic, to enable people to enjoy something like this and maybe to see the reason why travel abroad and following these events makes sense.

Ekaterina Obolenskaya – as an officially recognized Salesforce Marketing Champion since 2020, my journey in the Salesforce ecosystem has been a dynamic and enriching experience. My involvement in CzechDreamin is driven by a deep passion for community and collaboration. I firmly believe that knowledge is most powerful when shared, and events like this provide the perfect platform for this exchange!

Michal Furmanek