Intricacies of data access – How can I make them see it?, Svata Sejkora (@SvataSejkora), 201 level

Have you ever struggled with figuring out how to share certain data to your internal users or to your external users in the most simple way? Have you ever wondered what are the capabilities of the platform both point and click and code based and what are their limitations?

If that is the case, or you are trying to understand the platform, this session is perfect for you. We will go through known, less known, and fringe options how to share data on our beloved platform.

As I love interactive session (and believe you too) we will start with a business requirement. Then, we will have 45s to name the Salesforce feature, best suited for the job. Afterwards, I’ll guide you through the “best” solution (a subjective one) and explain it fully, providing details why I believe it is the best one.

Hold your breath, as there is enough features for full 50 minutes session.

To mention few we will go through:

  • Sharing Set
  • Sharing Group
  • Account Relationship
  • ACR
  • Apex Sharing