Akram Faris & Loutfi Aliluch

Maximizing Data Security with Salesforce Event Monitoring and Analytics, Akram Faris & Loutfi Aliluch, 201 level

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive data is paramount for any organization. In this presentation, we will delve into the comprehensive capabilities of Salesforce Event Monitoring to monitor, prevent, and mitigate threats to sensitive data. We will explore the various facets of event monitoring, including its integration with event monitoring analytics and setup audit trail data, providing invaluable insights into user and organizational behavior.

Furthermore, we will showcase the event monitoring app—a built-in solution within Salesforce designed for effortless exploration of monitoring data. With its intuitive interface, prebuilt dashboards, and datasets, attendees will discover how easy it is to identify suspicious behavior, analyze page performance, and enhance user adoption.

Attendees will gain practical knowledge on setting up the event monitoring app and leveraging its features effectively. Through a quick demo, we will illustrate how organizations can harness the power of Salesforce Event Monitoring and Analytics to fortify their data security measures and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Join us to empower your organization with proactive data protection strategies.