Most probably everyone knows Česká spořitelna on the Czech market. It is the oldest and biggest bank, at least in the amount of clients. There is no need to add more. Though you might be wondering why Spořky became a sponsor of the CzechDreamin‘?

Spořka does not consider itself only as a bank, but also as a company that helps clients within the area of financial health. You can feel the focus on client in each individual discussion with all the employees. It is an
obvious must that Spořka have to change, adopt more progressive approaches towards leadership (autonomous agile) and dig deep in technological innovation, so that we can stand with our commitment towards our clients. In the same moment Spořka takes care about its employees as well. The whole organization tries to do the best it
can so that each and every individual feels save, both physically and mentally as well as making sure that what they do makes sense and ultimately helps out to fulfill the common goal. It is not a surprise that it tries to enable all the employees to have the room to grow. The advantage that makes all of this possible is the fact that Spořka is, as already mentioned largest bank, with large amount of various talents and experts in different areas from which you can always learn. On top Spořka always tries to stay on top when it comes to the usage of newest and most up to date technologies.

And that is also the reason why Spořka is supporting CzechDreamin‘. It started the adoption of Salesforce products with Tableau back in 2019. After a short brake Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Personalization arrived. Spořka built a team from scratch, that is not only capable of keeping the platform running, but also to develop it further and make sure that the organization is using most of its capabilities and that not a single new functionality is missed. Though, that’s not the end…

In 2022 Spořka started its journey towards the „holy grail“, it started to prepare itself for implementation of Core CRM. That includes also building up and adopting new competencies to successfully move from the old CRM platform to Core CRM. Spořka is gathering a team, that will keep the right direction no matter what happens and will also have the correct approach towards the common goal of Spořka à financial healthy and prospering society in the Czech republic.