Hey folks! CzechDreamin is almost here, and if you’re into Salesforce or just love it, make sure you mark May 17, 2024, on your calendar. They’ve got loads of cool sessions and great chances to connect with others in the field. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this. Let’s talk about why going to CzechDreamin this year is a big deal.

Enhance Your Data Access Expertise: Are you struggling with sharing data effectively within your Salesforce ecosystem? Svata Sejkora’s session on the intricacies of data access promises to provide invaluable insights. Whether you’re grappling with internal or external data sharing challenges, this session will equip you with a deep understanding of Salesforce features and their applications, from point-and-click solutions to code-based implementations.

Unlock the Potential of Financial Services Cloud: In Milen Kisov’s session, you’ll gain access to best practices and real-world insights into implementing Financial Services Cloud (FSC). Whether you’re a seasoned FSC expert or a newcomer to the platform, this session promises actionable strategies for seamless integration, customer engagement optimization, and business growth acceleration.

Expand Your Automation Toolkit with Screen Flows: Yumi Ibrahimzade’s session on making flows publicly accessible is a must-attend for those looking to leverage the full potential of screen flows. Discover how to extend the usability of screen flows to a broader audience, including guest users, while implementing robust security measures for a smooth user experience.

Simplify Salesforce Integrations: Július Hudák and Maroš Sitko’s session on leveraging Swagger for Salesforce Flows Without Apex offers a deep dive into simplified integration techniques. Learn how to define RESTful APIs using Swagger and seamlessly integrate them into Salesforce Flows, without the need for Apex code, empowering both developers and non-developers alike.

Empower Project Success from the Start: Barbara Laskowska’s session emphasizes the importance of a powerful start for project success. Drawing from real-world experiences, discover the three key areas to focus on at the beginning of a project, whether you’re a business analyst, product owner, or consultant.

Uncover the Hidden Powers of Screen Flows: Chris Taylor’s session sheds light on the often-overlooked potential of screen flows in Salesforce. Explore how screen flows can streamline processes, improve data quality, and enhance user engagement, ultimately driving business success.

Elevate Customer Experience with Lightning Knowledge Base: Yana Pushkar’s session focuses on maximizing customer experience through the Lightning Knowledge Base in Salesforce Experience Cloud. Gain insights into best practices for building a knowledge base, meeting customer expectations, and implementing popular customer requests.

Apart from the awesome sessions, CzechDreamin also offers plenty of chances to connect and soak up the lively atmosphere, perfect for learning and collaboration. And let’s be honest, who can resist a post-event hangout with beer, wine, and soft drinks?

So, mark your calendars for May 17, 2024, and come join us at CzechDreamin for a day filled with learning, networking, and inspiration. Whether you’re a seasoned Salesforce pro or just starting out, CzechDreamin promises to be an event you won’t want to miss. Looking forward to seeing you there!