You are coming to Prague for the first time and have no idea where to stay. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Prague is a big city, but the city center is small. If you like walking you can cross it in less than hour. If walking is not your thing the public transport is really great here, cheap (30 minutes for roughly 1€; 90 minutes for less than 2€) and running mostly on time. As for taxi we would use Uber or Liftago (or local variant of the same).

We have AirBnB, Booking and presence of all major hotel chains.

Prague itself is divided into 20+ parts, but the most important for you will be 1 – 4, find their description on our Twitter.

On the picture you can see the Prague Congress Center, where our event will take place, right at the bottom. And would we be looking for an accommodation we would look in the violet shape.

The part between river and the yellow line of the underground is the old city, narrow streets, one of the most beautiful part of Prague. From the red line to the right is Prague 3 (probably above the green line) with their pubs on every other corner. The typical pubs, where they might have problems with English. Below the green line is Prague 2 where pubs mingle with bars, English is more common and streets are a bit wider.

There are also great hotels right next to the Congress Center. Holiday Inn, located near the old Vysehrad site in quiet location. And Corinthia, right above the highway but would you be lucky the view will be just super awesome.

All in all – from anywhere in the violet shape you can be at the event in around 20 minutes and you can cross this shape in roughly 30 minutes of walking.