Next edition of the CzechDreamin conference is getting closer, busy agenda is published on our website, but why you – as a Salesforce developer with plenty of work to do – should attend and waste your time? We do have a few reasons for you.

Besides the networking opportunities, which you likely want to skip (but put biases away) there are potentially a lot of great topics you might learn more about. Let’s give you some short list:

  • Slack & Salesforce together – Aaron will speak primarily about how to achieve that via flow, but that might be beneficial as well, because you know that not everything has to be solved with code;
  • Integration with telephony systems doesn’t happen often, so having a summary of the practical aspects might give you some extra confidence in this area;
  • Are best practices the best practices? Personally I hope that Lucian will not present at all but rather open the floor and let the discussion float around, because … you know, the more senior you are the more you know when to break them. And the more you are afraid of doing so;
  • Approval process is available out of the box in Salesforce, but we all know its limitations. Pavel & Anindya will show us their approach and share the ideas they put into the custom solution;
  • Skye and flow – at first sight why we even included this in the developer track? On the second look it makes sense as Skye will speak about the Salesforce Labs component which is possible to use and extend the capabilities of flows, which might be great inspiration or show you that some limits of flows aren’t really limits and you can fall back to using it instead of some heavy development. At least sometimes;
  • Daniel and how much is too much question – all about extremes, scalability, testing, things you probably don’t do on daily basis but we should care about at least in all those really Enterprise level implementations;
  • You might also like some architects’ topics such as Data Cloud data modeling, security or integration with AWS or using MuleSoft.

Plenty of great topics are ahead of us that day, so secure your tickets while they last and see you on May 17th at Prague.