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Build your apps faster with Dynamic Interactions, Fabien Taillon (@FabienTaillon)

Low-code tools like Lightning App Builder already allows business users to create custom apps by just dragging and dropping custom components on a canvas. Dynamic Interactions are pushing the boundaries of what was currently possible by allowing you to wire components together.

Come see how, as a developer, you’ll be able to update, split and create custom components to make use of Dynamic Interactions. And as an app builder, how this new feature will empower what you can do, giving access to more granular components that can be ordered and wired exactly the way you want.

How simplified our unlocked package workflow, Evgenii Pavlov (@Eunix)

Have you already adapted SFDX in your company and use org shape and org-depended scratch orgs? In six minutes, we will show our journey to (almost) perfect Salesforce deployment organization and how we use our tool to make these processes even simpler.

Intro to the Nonprofit Success Pack, Trish Perkins

Salesforce gives ten free Enterprise Salesforce licenses to qualifying nonprofits all over the world.

Sometimes, just encountering Salesforce for the first time can feel overwhelming for a nonprofit that has, heretofore, relied on spreadsheets or simple databases to keep track of their work.

Trish has been working with this NPSP package since its first iteration, and enjoys taking her clients through a “Kick the Tires” session– a walkthrough of what comes with the package, including some features that many nonprofits don’t know they need or want.

We’ll walk through our engagement with a contact, Minnie Mouse, and all the ways that she and her family are involved in our organization. Our tour will take us through Fundraising, Program Management and Volunteer Management. We’ll look at the basic Nonprofit Success Pack objects.

All about Salesforce certifications: Are they worth it?, Tomáš Hnízdil

Have you just recently started to explore the Salesforce universe and are wondering if a Salesforce certification can help you with boosting your career? Does your manager wants you to get Salesforce certified and you don’t know where to start? Or are you an experienced Salesforce admin or developer who is just looking for some tips and tricks to help them finally pass the certification exam?

Join a 13x certified Salesforce-geek to learn all you wanted to know about Salesforce certifications.

Success in salesforce projects, Mercedes Basavilbaso

Are salesforce projects always delayed, out of budget or have less scope? Not necessarily!

There are ways to deliver successful projects. The secret? METHODOLOGY.

The Salesforce adaptive methodology helps you and your team rock the stars with a framework to deliver on time, on budget and on scope.

Tired of failing in projects? Not any more. It’s time to go agile as scrum and organized as waterfall. With the best of the two worlds this methodology accompanies you and your client to the to of the  mountain.

Stop searching new ways of doing it. Learn how Salesforce does it. And do it!

A guided tour of Marketing Cloud Resources, Kerry Townsend (@kerrytownsend)

Unlike the core Salesforce platform, it is not possible to get a development environment of Marketing Cloud. Without this go-to learning tool, it is harder to get to know Marketing Cloud, understand how it differs from the core platform and how to pick up more than the basics.

Join me in this session where I guide you through the various resources available to help you navigate your path.

Known and unknown Salesforce Marketing Cloud limitations… and some workarounds ;-), Cyril Louis (@cyril_louis)

As a Marketing Cloud newbie, you may want to be aware of Salesforce Marketing Cloud limitations! And as a veteran, you may have already faced some limitations…

So what if the Trailblazer Community could support you and share tips and tricks to anticipate limitations?

Join me in this session to learn from what I have faced around topics such as testing, data sync, lead scoring, customer journeys and more.

*Tips you don’t have from official online documentation*

EDA and Pardot for Higher Education. Anglo-American University case study, Ivanna Gladysh (@MirkovskaG), Jedrzej Raczynski

AAUP is the first University in the Czech Republic to use EDA architecture (Educational Data Architecture) and Pardot to manage all the processes.

This session is a real case study and we will share our recipe for successful implementation – from requesting the EDA to follow your Quarter success in Analytics Studio.

What’s there for me if I am an admin? EDA architecture is different from the classic Salesforce org. After this session, you will feel more confident with EDA data model.

What’s there for me if I am a marketer? We will highlight the usage of Pardot Plus Edition and Analytics Studio within the University Framework. Something new to expand your marketing awesomeness!

We will also introduce Power of us Hub, an initiative from Salesforce to help all the non-profits with their journey.

Products overview during this session: EDA non-profit org, Pardot Plus Edition, Analytics Studio, Power of Us Hub

8 Steps to Become a Salesforce Developer, Seyit Usmanov

Do you aspire to become a Salesforce Developer? Are you stuck on what steps you should take? I have taught Salesforce in a number of places: on my youtube channel (Salesforce Chef), at Montgomery College (the largest community college in Maryland), at a Native American reservation in Oregon, and also to colleagues at Accounting Seed. Based on my extensive teaching and development experience I would like to share the 8 steps to getting your first job as a Salesforce Developer.

Become an adoption tracking superstar with a few clicks, Johann Fürmann (@fliack)

You and your team just delivered an amazing new set of features to your users. You are anxiously waiting for user feedback about adoption.

What if I told you there was an easy way of implementing feature adoption tracking in your organisation?

With a few lines of code and clicks you can implement feature adoption tracking on button clicks, page views, flow starts and more.

Detailed information about feature adoption in your organisation allows you to prioritize training, improve communication and plan further development for all your amazing features.

During the session we will identify what to track in your organisation, how to implement tracking and what to do with the gathered tracking information. No coding knowledge required.

A Framework to Conquer Your Data Quality Blues, Andre van Kampen (@AndreKampen)

Data quality problems can dramatically hinder user adoption, and compromise the integrity of your metrics. Learn how to administer a data quality framework that will enable your teams to work at peak levels, and find out about tips and tricks for tackling your data management woes. #Sales #Service #Integrations #MasterDataManagement #InformationStrategy

Einstein Recommendation Builder: Intelligent Automation Made Easy, Michael Orr (@orrdeal)

Think you need to be a data scientist to leverage predictive intelligence in your business applications? Not so! You can now easily incorporate predictive intelligence in your automation projects using low code tools from the Salesforce Platform. See the latest capabilities available now!