Piggibacking Platform Events, Igor Chtivelband

In 2017 Salesforce introduced Platform Events which were intended to open up an ‘event-driven architecture’ to Salesforce developers.

The main idea of event-driven architecture is that the system components are decoupled and are not concerned about interacting with each other. Their job is to publish events to the central event bus or to react to published events.

The introduction of Platform Events has given developers another instrument for performing tasks which can not be handled within the scope of a single transaction (e.g. due to the Governor Limits).

At Billie, we immediately identified the huge potential un-orthodox usage of Platform Events and have started to apply them to a variety of scenarios.

In this session, I will present how we use Platform Events to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Send mass dynamic emails
  • Work around the heap size limitation
  • Control the proper transition of Opportunities through their stages, without over-jumping one

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