Community Events: Build your new worldwide Salesforce #Ohana, Laura Diaz, Julio Diego Barrado Fernández, Pedro Molina

The Salesforce Community is constantly growing and evolving, people engage with it and get a lot of new exciting experiences.
If you want to know all about what drives our Community to host their own local events, how they get organised in the global world we live in, this is a nice talk where you will get inspired.
As team members of the Community led event dreamOlĂ©, we want to share our very own experience, a group of 8 individuals who live in different cities and even in different countries and who attend weekly remote meetings to organise an event that changes location every year… Remotely organising an event from multiple remote locations!! See how we build our event and put all the pieces together!!
You will get a feel for what the Salesforce Ohana is, and how you can take our learnings to build your very own new family and develop new relationships with people in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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