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Enehano blends business & IT with a special focus on automating marketing, sales, service and back-office processes. Thanks to our experienced team of 85+ professionals, we are able to understand and anticipate customers’ needs, and business issues and address Salesforce solutions to maximize your potential. It is the original Czech implementation partner of Salesforce.

We focus on customers of finance, telecommunications, transportation, scalable start-ups, manufacturing, and utilities.

Since 2022, we have been the Salesforce Summit Partner and have also been awarded Salesforce Rising Star for 2018.

Enehano is celebrating its 7th birthday this year and has customers in CZ, SK, DE, USA, and the Nordic region.

The Enehano team has over 180 Salesforce certifications. We have already delivered more than 90 implementations for all types of clients.

We entered the Slovak market in 2021. We solemnly opened our new branches in Brno, Bratislava, and Košice.

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EzProtect by Adaptus

Most people are unaware that Salesforce doesn’t scan files uploaded to Salesforce for viruses and other threats.

But why should you even care?

The bottom line is viruses help attackers steal your data in Salesforce and other systems!

According to an IBM study, a single attack could cost your organization more than 4.65 million after a single attack, and that doesn’t even include the cost to repair your damaged reputation.

EzProtect is the leading provider for virus protection in Salesforce, helping to help protect and notify you when you are at risk.

Contact us today for a FREE Salesforce security assessment to see if you are at risk or meet and speak to us in person at our booth.

If you would like to learn more about the risk of viruses in Salesforce, check out our blog Viruses, Malware, and Ransomware…Is Your Salesforce Data Actually Secure?

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Target Everest is a progressive Salesforce consulting partner with offices in Slovakia, Portugal and India.

Our team of 20+ experts holds over 100 certifications, providing consulting, implementation, and customization services to improve business processes and customer engagement. We offer creative problem-solving solutions tailored to each organization’s unique needs, leveraging industry best practices and Salesforce products.

Our offices around the world allow us to provide local expertise and tailored solutions to meet our clients’ business objectives.

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Nextview is one of the top 50 largest Salesforce consulting partners in the world. On the Salesforce Appexchange Nextview belongs to the best-ranked consulting partners with over 800 individual certifications and various expert statuses for Industries and Salesforce Clouds.

In recent years Nextview has received multiple recognitions for its industry expertise and Salesforce knowledge:

  • Salesforce Manufacturing Award 2022
  • The PAC radar scores Nextview as “Best in Class” in Europe for Salesforce-Related Services in the industries of Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Energy & Utilities
  • Salesforce awarded Nextview with the “Industry Expert Status” for Manufacturing and “Specialist” in Consumer Goods, Energy, Financial Services, and Professional Services;
  • Salesforce awarded Nextview with the “Clouds Expert Status” in Customer 360, Sales and Service Cloud, and 16 “Specialist” qualifications in other Salesforce Clouds.

Founded in 2009 the company now has over 200 employees and has been recognized as a “Best Workplace” by Great Place To Work for the past six years in The Netherlands and since 2022 also in Germany.

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Clouderia provides CRM consulting and implementation services for companies of all sizes to improve their productivity and profitability.

Our team has successfully delivered over 120 Salesforce.com projects with 10k+ users since we established our first cloud practice in 2010. With our proven track record in delivering Salesforce.com solutions, we believe we are ideally placed to partner with you on your CRM projects.

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At Dragonfly 360, we specialize in Salesforce implementation and help companies reach their full potential.

Just like the dragonfly, your business is capable of undergoing a dramatic transformation.We understand that each business is unique, and that’s why we offer a customized approach to Salesforce implementation.

Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your specific needs and create a tailored solution that meets your objectives. By combining strategy, technology, and digital services, we help businesses achieve their goals and stay ahead of the curve.

Just like the dragonfly’s ability to see through the water, our team has a clear understanding of the Salesforce platform and how it can be leveraged to deliver real business change. With an average of 8 years of experience per consultant, our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide high-qualitycost-conscious services in the Americas and Europe.

We believe that transformation and growth go hand in hand. That’s why our approach emphasizes collaboration and an Agile approach.

Dragonfly 360 is comprehensive partner for strategic Salesforce initiatives. From custom CPQ solution to Commercial Business in Real Estate, we help businesses design and build remarkable experiences.

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CGI at a glance – 91 500 IT experts in 40 countries and 400 locations worldwide, F2023 revenue $14.30B

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. We are insights-driven and outcomes-based to help accelerate returns on your investments.

We build lasting, trusted relationships by embedding operations within your metro markets and working together to advance our shared communities.

With deep expertise in technologies and the industries we serve, our consultants help navigate complex challenges with practical solutions.

Our secure and flexible end-to-end services include business and strategic IT consulting, systems integration, managed IT and business process services, and intellectual property (IP) solutions.

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OneMerge is a flexible record merge solution based on the standard Salesforce Duplicate Management features. OneMerge merges duplicates identified by Salesforce with intelligent, automated merge rules.

Native, secure and scalable; data never leaves Salesforce.

Don’t pay twice for record matching.

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FYFT logo

FYFT is an abbreviation for Fill Your Free Time. It is a business, a community, a place connected to the idea that free time is the most valuable thing we have and therefore should be used for something meaningful. FYFT’s mission is to help people find a hobby that leads to personal development. This can be anything – from solving a Rubik’s cube to traveling. FYFT is more than just a store. We support communities, create tutorials and workshops, organize competitions and our branches are a meeting place for all communities.

Community Partner

Join groups to learn Salesforce with peers, build your network, and find mentors.

Salesforce is the Customer Success Platform. Our social and mobile cloud technologies—including our flagship sales and CRM applications—help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways.