10:00, Klub A

Neil Hohmann

SOQL 201 for Admins & Developers: Slice & Dice Your Org’s Data With Aggregate Queries, Neil Hohmann, 201 level

Already know how to write a basic SOQL query? Great! But what about an *aggregate* SOQL query? You know, the kind that uses aggregate functions like COUNT & MAX along with GROUP BY and HAVING clauses? No? Well, get ready to learn how to slice & dice your org’s data right inside your own dev console. From finding duplicate records to prototyping summary & matrix reports, learn the ins and outs of aggregate queries during this fast-paced but admin-friendly session on advanced SOQL concepts.

11:00, Klub A

Sarah Kelleher

Customer Journey Mapping: The Secret Sauce for Salesforce Success, Sarah Kelleher (@SarahKllhr), 101 level

Customer Journey Mapping aligns teams, promotes innovation, focuses strategy and defines objectives. What’s not to love? This session will explore why this is such a powerful tool and how businesses can use it to their advantage.

When you’re in the depths of a Salesforce project or busy managing day-to-day admin, it’s easy to forget that the customer should be at the heart of your strategy. If you’re not seeing ROI from Salesforce, struggling with adoption, missing your quarterly targets or lacking alignment in your teams, Customer Journey Mapping might just be your golden ticket. Taking a step away and bringing it all back to the customer can breathe life back into your org and revitalise your teams.

11:30, Klub A

Hugo Rosario

Behind the Scenes From the Manager’s Chair: Decoding the Secrets of Successful Salesforce Interviews, Hugo Rosario (@hmsrosario), 201 level

Unlock the mysteries of successful Salesforce interviews in this insightful session hosted by Hugo Rosario (Salesforce Customer), a seasoned hiring manager that leads the Salesforce Department of multinational company with over 100 interviews under their belt. Step into the manager’s chair and gain exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into what makes a Salesforce consultant stand out during the interview process.

From deciphering the unspoken cues to mastering key strategies, we’ll explore the intricacies of the interview process and provide practical tips for consultants looking to not only pass interviews but also thrive in their roles. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your Salesforce journey, this session is your backstage pass to the secrets that hiring managers wish you knew.


Lunch time

Something typical counting with vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well. Beer (might be) included, as well as something sweet to get you ready for the next BIG thing.

13:30, Klub A

Salesforce Adoption – Metrics, Methods, and Motivation, Antone Kom, 101 level

Explore the core of Salesforce success in ‘Salesforce Adoption – Metrics, Methods, and Motivation.’

We will discuss essential metrics, effective methods to drive adoption, and the driving force behind user engagement and explore strategies for onboarding, training, and continuous support that empower users to navigate the platform seamlessly.

By leveraging these tools, you can effectively measure adoption against your company’s goals and create an environment where users not only adopt Salesforce but actively contribute to its ongoing success.

14:00, Klub A

Blanka Doktorova

10 Differences between Sales Cloud and CPQ, Blanka Doktorová, 101 level

How to differentiate Sales Cloud and CPQ on first glance might be tricky if you do not know where to look and what to look at. You will know 🙂

Managing the sales process within Salesforce is a common use case that can be managed with standart Sales Cloud. If you want to do entire quoting process you will find out Salesforce CPQ solution exists. What is then the difference if both can handle selling products?

You will see comparison of 10 different features, which Sales Cloud and Salesforce CPQ handle differently.

Simple question you will always remember if you should consider using Salesforce CPQ will be a cherry on top.

14:30, Klub A

Jiří Karpíšek

AI revolution and Salesforce, Jiří Karpíšek, 101 level

We’re living the AI revolution and Salesforce is adapting and bring new value to their customers. Einstein products are evolving rapidly and navigating their limitations, language support, and use cases can be challenging.

Let’s make review of what Einstein product are available currently, what are the capabilities and what can be used for in CEE region and how Rossie.ai can help to learn Salesforce speak Czech. We will explore the Einstein roadmap and I will make a short live demo (based on your vote) of some Einstein feature. 

15:00, Klub A

Olga Shirokova & Ekaterina Obolenskaya

Equality in the Cloud: Bridging the Gap with confidence, Olga Shirokova & Ekaterina Obolenskaya, 101 level

The presentation addresses the persistent gender imbalance in technology. We will explore the challenges women face, share success stories, and discuss practical strategies to promote gender equality in Salesforce ecosystem. Join us to learn how fostering a diverse and inclusive Salesforce ohana benefits us all and helps build confidence among women in technology.



Coffee break. Tea break. Sweet break. And something salt as well.

16:00, Klub A

Abdul Haneef Mohamad

Navigating EN301549: Compliance and Beyond in European Accessibility Standards, Abdul Haneef Mohamad, 101 level

This session will delve into the specifics of EN301549, focusing on European web accessibility standards and compliance requirements. It will provide insights into meeting these standards and going beyond compliance for enhanced accessibility.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding EN301549 and its implications for web accessibility compliance in Europe.
Best practices, tools, and strategies to align with European accessibility standards within Salesforce.