10:00, Klub E

a REST call, a Wired adapter and Graphql walks into a bar…, David Fernandez Rivero (@DFdezR), 201 level

Brace yourselves for a data-driven session where a REST call, a Wired Adapter, and GraphQL hilariously waltz into a bar. With Salesforce offering more tools than a handyman’s toolbox, choosing the right data retrieval method can feel like trying to pick the right flavor in an ice cream shop with too many choices. Join me as we decipher the punchlines to when, where, and why to opt for each method, making your processes more efficient and secure. By the end, you’ll not only have a good laugh but also know which best practices to follow, ensuring your data-fetching journey is both entertaining and enlightening.

Don’t miss the chance to discover the comedy gold hidden in the realm of Salesforce data retrieval!

11:00, Klub E

Maximizing Collaboration: Managing Slack Channels with Salesforce Flow, Aaron Crear (@AaronCrear), 201 level

Unlock the full potential of Slack and Salesforce by seamlessly integrating them through Flow automation. In this interactive demonstration, discover how to leverage Flow to create, manage, and optimize Slack channels for enhanced project management efficiency. Learn step-by-step procedures to dynamically create channels, add members, distribute messages, and archive channels—all triggered by Salesforce records. Gain practical insights and real-world examples to streamline communication and collaboration, empowering your teams to achieve greater productivity and success.


Lunch time

Something typical counting with vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well. Beer (might be) included, as well as something sweet to get you ready for the next BIG thing.

13:30, Klub E

Pablo Gonzalez

The 3 ways of DevOps applied to Salesforce development, Pablo Gonzalez (@pgonzaleznet), 201 level

When we think of Salesforce DevOps, the first things that come to mind are probably Git, sfdx, CI/CD, and deployments. But DevOps is primarily a cultural shift, with technical implementation coming second. Without this understanding, your DevOps implementation could become a group of tools and techniques that don’t drive business outcomes. In this session, we will explore the original DevOps philosophy, known as “The 3 ways”, and see if they make sense in the context of Salesforce development.

14:00, Klub E

Barbora Sourkova

Integrating Telephony Systems with Salesforce: Insights and Considerations, Barbora Sourkova, 201 level

This talk focuses on the practical aspects of integrating various telephony systems with Salesforce, drawing on examples from implementations in the Czech scene. It aims to inform attendees about the spectrum of telephony solutions available, from small to large scale, and their compatibility with Salesforce.

The presentation will highlight key considerations for selecting a telephony provider that integrates smoothly with Salesforce, including important questions to support the decision-making process. It will also discuss methods for integrating existing telephony systems with Salesforce, aimed at companies contemplating or in the process of adopting this CRM platform.

The discussion is designed to provide a straightforward overview of the steps and considerations involved in telephony and Salesforce integration, with an emphasis on functionality, compatibility, and the practical experiences of Czech companies.

14:30, Klub E

Are best practices the best practice?, Lucian Ciobanu (@Lucian_Ciobanu), 101 level

We’ll examine three well-known Apex best practices. As developers, let’s take a look at them with a critical eye, test them to the limit and try to understand if, when and why they make sense.

15:00, Klub E

Pavel Hrbacek & Anindya Hader

Custom Approval Process: A New Perspective, Pavel Hrbacek (@PavelHrbacek) & Anindya Halder, 401 level

The standard Salesforce Approval process can be limiting in many ways, especially in complex scenarios.

What if there was a way to implement very flexible approvals where one can use Apex code to make data updates in unrelated records, dynamically generate next steps details, and compute assignees on the fly? And still use UI-based configurations to implement concrete approval processes.

In this session, we will share ideas behind such a solution and show a few lines of code to get you started.


Coffee break. Tea break. Sweet break. And something salt as well.

16:00, Klub E

Skye Tyler

Elevate your Flows with Data Fetcher, Skye Tyler (@Skye_force), 201 level

Data Fetcher is a Salesforce Labs Flow component that has the potential to take your screen Flows to the next level. Using SOQL queries to return records without any Get statements can quickly improve the efficiency of your screen flows. But if you add in Unofficial Salesforce Quick Choice component and some formulas for defining your SOQL statements, you have the ability to create reactive data tables that update as users make selections. Join me for a use case where we build a custom, reactive Sort and Filter list of unrelated records.


17:00, Klub E

How much is too much? Exploring the extreme edges of scaleability with Scale Testing, Daniel Stange (@stangomat), 201 level

Have you ever wondered how much is too much? When will your Salesforce org falter under the load (or poorly performing implementation), and what will happen?
Salesforce has recently equipped us with Scale Center and Scale Testing Sandboxes, and with these tools, you can find out in details what breaks, and at which points. Join me to learn how I put my org to a trial of fire, and learn how it went. I’m going to share observations on how to actually set up a scale test, how to analyze the outcomes and what to do with the results, and last but not least: Was is able to burn down the house?