10:00, Klub C

Intricacies of data access – How can I make them see it?, Svata Sejkora (@SvataSejkora), 201 level

Have you ever struggled with figuring out how to share certain data to your internal users or to your external users in the most simple way? Have you ever wondered what are the capabilities of the platform both point and click and code based and what are their limitations?

If that is the case, or you are trying to understand the platform, this session is perfect for you. We will go through known, less known, and fringe options how to share data on our beloved platform.

As I love interactive session (and believe you too) we will start with a business requirement. Then, we will have 45s to name the Salesforce feature, best suited for the job. Afterwards, I’ll guide you through the “best” solution (a subjective one) and explain it fully, providing details why I believe it is the best one.

Hold your breath, as there is enough features for full 50 minutes session.

To mention few we will go through:

  • Sharing Set
  • Sharing Group
  • Account Relationship
  • ACR
  • Apex Sharing

11:00, Klub C

Unveiling Financial Services Cloud: Best Practices and Insights from Real-World Implementations, Milen Kisov, 201 level

In the bustling landscape of Salesforce industry clouds, one reigns supreme in its significance and impact: the Financial Services Cloud (FSC). Join me in an immersive session where we delve into the heart of FSC, uncovering its best practices and invaluable lessons learnt.

Drawing from a wealth of experiences gained from numerous Salesforce Financial Services Cloud implementations, the aim of this session is to help anyone who is considering or already working with financial services clients looking to implement FSC.

Throughout our time together, we will unravel the intricacies of successful deployments as well as some of the main issues encountered, dissecting key strategies to maximise your chances of success. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a newcomer to the realm of FSC, this session offers actionable insights tailored to elevate your understanding and approach.

Expect to gain:

  • Proven methodologies for seamless integration and adoption of Financial Services Cloud.
  • Case studies highlighting triumphs and pitfalls from real-world implementations.
  • Strategies for optimising customer engagement and driving business growth.
  • Practical tips and tricks to overcome common challenges and maximise ROI.


11:30, Klub C

Yumi Ibrahimzade

Free and Effective: Making Flows Publicly Accessible, Yumi Ibrahimzade, 201 level

Screen flow is a powerful automation tool that is commonly designed for internal and external users. However, what about the guest users? We will dive into various methods of launching screen flows and understand how to make them publicly accessible, extending their usability to a broader audience.

The presentation will also cover the implementation of security layers and highlight best practices for a smooth and protected user experience. Discover the potential of screen flows beyond conventional use and learn how to leverage them effectively.


Lunch time

Something typical counting with vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well. Beer (might be) included, as well as something sweet to get you ready for the next BIG thing.

13:30, Klub C

Július Hudák & Maroš Sitko

Seamless Integration Simplified: Leveraging Swagger for Salesforce Flows Without Apex, Július Hudák & Maroš Sitko, 201 level

Discover the power of simplified integration in Salesforce. “Seamless Integration Simplified: Leveraging Swagger for Salesforce Flows Without Apex” offers a deep dive into using Swagger to define RESTful APIs and integrate them directly into Salesforce Flows – all without writing a single line of Apex code.

This session will guide you through creating Swagger definitions and demonstrate their use in streamlining Salesforce integration, making it accessible for both developers and non-developers. Join us to enhance your Salesforce integrations with efficiency and innovation.

14:30, Klub C

Barbara Laskowska

Powerful Start- the Key to Project Success, Barbara Laskowska, 201 level

New customer? New industry? New cloud? New team? A lot to handle!

How to ensure the success of the project? Start it well! I’ve created the 3 areas of focus at the beginning of the project that helped me in multiple roles (BA, PO, and Consultant). Learn from real-world experiences and discover how these insights can empower you to deliver unparalleled value to your customers right from the project’s start.


15:00, Klub C

The 7 Deadly Sins of Project Management: Avoiding Common Leadership Flaws for Success, Pei Mun Lim, 101 level

Projects often fail due to common leadership flaws or what I like to call the 7 deadly sins of project management.

Have you ever worked on a client project that felt doomed from the start? One where the project manager was more interested in their own ideas than in collaboration and teamwork? Or where the team was demotivated by a toxic work environment or a lack of transparency?

If so, you’re not alone and have experienced at least one of the 7 deadly sins of project management. Join us for an illuminating talk where we’ll explore each of these sins in detail, how they can impact project success, and provide concrete strategies for reducing project delays.

Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or new to the field, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to lead with integrity, empathy, and accountability, and deliver projects that meet or exceed stakeholders’ expectations.



Coffee break. Tea break. Sweet break. And something salt as well.

16:00, Klub C

Chris Taylor

Screen Flows: The Underdog Hero of Salesforce, Chris Taylor, 201 level

Screen flows are often overlooked, but they have the potential to streamline processes, improve data quality and improve user engagement. Join me as we uncover the hidden powers of screen flows and learn how to use them to maximise efficiency and drive business success.


17:00, Klub C

Yana Pushkar

Lightning Knowledge Base in Salesforce Experience Cloud. Meeting customer expectations and increasing user experience, Yana Pushkar, 201 level

Salesforce Knowledge Base is a potent instrument that gives website visitors, customers, partners, and service agents all the essential information about a business’s product or service. Additionally, it helps get answers to frequently asked questions or helps enhance self-service on a digital portal.

However, in some cases, the OOTB Knowledge base features are not capable enough.

In the session, we will discuss:

  • Best practice for building a knowledge base
  • The most popular customer requests and ways to implement them
  • Tips that help you understand customers’ expectations and gather requirements and so on
  • Red Flags that Indicate customer need to enhance their KB