10:00, Klub B

Akram Faris & Loutfi Aliluch

Maximizing Data Security with Salesforce Event Monitoring and Analytics, Akram Faris & Loutfi Aliluch, 201 level

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive data is paramount for any organization. In this presentation, we will delve into the comprehensive capabilities of Salesforce Event Monitoring to monitor, prevent, and mitigate threats to sensitive data. We will explore the various facets of event monitoring, including its integration with event monitoring analytics and setup audit trail data, providing invaluable insights into user and organizational behavior.

Furthermore, we will showcase the event monitoring app—a built-in solution within Salesforce designed for effortless exploration of monitoring data. With its intuitive interface, prebuilt dashboards, and datasets, attendees will discover how easy it is to identify suspicious behavior, analyze page performance, and enhance user adoption.

Attendees will gain practical knowledge on setting up the event monitoring app and leveraging its features effectively. Through a quick demo, we will illustrate how organizations can harness the power of Salesforce Event Monitoring and Analytics to fortify their data security measures and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Join us to empower your organization with proactive data protection strategies.


11:00, Klub B

Xavery Lisinski

The Importance of Process-Driven Approach for Good Architecture, Xavery Lisinski, 201 level

Architecting Salesforce solutions is not easy. There are many features and considerations to explore, from data model, to integrations, automations, and security.

However, there is a new approach being championed in the Salesforce community called ‘Process-led design’. Through diligent business process diagramming, business analysts and architects can infer the required data model entities, spot integration needs, identify automation opportunities, and verify required permissions. All technical and functional requirements can be captured upfront and proactively, resulting in effective and lovable solutions.


Lunch time

Something typical counting with vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well. Beer (might be) included, as well as something sweet to get you ready for the next BIG thing.

13:30, Klub B

Architect’s Guide to Data Modeling in Data Cloud, Melissa Shepard (@lissa_x), 201 level

Explore essential principles of data modeling in Data Cloud, empowering architects with the knowledge to design robust, scalable data solutions. It is important for architects to understand the foundational data modeling concepts when working with the new Data Cloud. It is critical to get this right when first starting with your Data Cloud design. This is a new cloud and with it comes a new architecture for architects to learn and build. Join us to learn data modeling for this modern architecture.

14:00, Klub B

Salesforce Implementation as Product Management – the essence of Product Owner, George Avilov (@GeorgyAvilov), 101 level

 In the dynamic world of CRM systems, Salesforce stands out as a leader, offering unparalleled customisation and scalability. However, the success of its implementation heavily relies on more than just technical prowess; it requires strategic internal leadership. This presentation delves into the crucial role of the Internal Product Owner in Salesforce implementation.

We will explore the importance of having an Internal Product Owner, a role that transcends traditional project management. Unlike external consultants, an Internal Product Owner brings in-depth knowledge of the company’s culture, processes, change management and business objectives, aligning the Salesforce implementation with the core business strategy.

We will gain a comprehensive understanding of why Internal Product Owners are not just beneficial, but essential for the successful implementation of Salesforce, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity, user satisfaction, and business growth.

14:30, Klub B

JoAnn Culbertson

Secure the Cloud: Salesforce Integration Security Shindig, JoAnn Culbertson, 201 level

Get ready for the geekiest party in the cloud! Join me for a Salesforce Integration Security Shindig, where we’ll be unraveling the mysteries of securing your Salesforce integrations with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of tech magic. In a world where even your data needs a bodyguard, the session is bound to be the best-dressed event in security!

We will cover:

**Cybersecurity Stand-up Comedy:** Because who said securing integrations can’t be a laughing matter? Brace yourself for some cybersecurity stand-up comedy to keep your spirits high while we lock down your data.

**Best Practices (and Dad Jokes):** Learn the best practices for integration security while also enjoying a curated selection of top-tier dad jokes.

**Q&A Sessions (or Quiz & Anecdotes): Have your burning questions answered during Q&A sessions, where we might throw in a quiz or share amusing anecdotes. Bonus points for the most creative security-related joke!

Don’t miss out on the learning, and a touch of whimsy, at the Integration Security Shindig – where data security meets a good time!



Coffee break. Tea break. Sweet break. And something salt as well.

16:00, Klub B

Integrate with AWS thanks to Unified Developer Experience, Philippe Ozil (@PhilippeOzil), 201 level

Developers and architects, join my session to learn about the native Salesforce Platform features that let you integrate with AWS. You’ll learn about Event Relay and the Salesforce Connect adapters for AWS data sources. I’ll walk you through demos and use cases of the Unified Developer Experience.


16:30, Klub B

Akshata Sawant

Optimise Integration with Action Builder, APIs and MuleSoft, Akshata Sawant (@sawantakshata02), 101 level

Discover seamless integration with MuleSoft, APIs, and Action Builder.

Join us to learn how to build and optimize your integration for enhanced connectivity.


17:00, Klub B

Charly Prinsloo

“Building Confidence as a Salesforce Architect with Ladies be Architects, Charly Prinsloo, 201 level

One of the biggest obstacles when moving into the architect path is building confidence. Having confidence is a critical part of being a successful architect and is often overlooked. Maybe you have the ideas and knowledge, but don’t know how to apply them. Do you struggle to speak up in key meetings? Or do you want to establish credibility faster? Maybe you need to be able to confidently lead so your team members feel safe with you at the helm. In this session we will talk about ways that you boost your skills and build confidence so that you can achieve success as an architect. We will also go over ways that you can build your skills to boost your confidence.