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Domenique Sillett Buxton

Keynote, Domenique Sillett Buxton

When I joined Salesforce I was the sole creative on the Developer Marketing team. We were a small group yet passionately committed to building a community of makers, dreamers, and doers. No sales talk. Just purpose and inspiration. And then we made Astro, built Trailhead, and the amps went up to 11. And this thing called Trailheart happened because our community and our company said YES. In that order.


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10:00, Klub C

Intricacies of data access – How can I make them see it?, Svata Sejkora (@SvataSejkora), 201 level

Have you ever struggled with figuring out how to share certain data to your internal users or to your external users in the most simple way? Have you ever wondered what are the capabilities of the platform both point and click and code based and what are their limitations?

If that is the case, or you are trying to understand the platform, this session is perfect for you. We will go through known, less known, and fringe options how to share data on our beloved platform.

As I love interactive session (and believe you too) we will start with a business requirement. Then, we will have 45s to name the Salesforce feature, best suited for the job. Afterwards, I’ll guide you through the “best” solution (a subjective one) and explain it fully, providing details why I believe it is the best one.

Hold your breath, as there is enough features for full 50 minutes session.

To mention few we will go through:

  • Sharing Set
  • Sharing Group
  • Account Relationship
  • ACR
  • Apex Sharing

10:00, Klub B

Akram Faris & Loutfi Aliluch

Maximizing Data Security with Salesforce Event Monitoring and Analytics, Akram Faris & Loutfi Aliluch, 201 level

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive data is paramount for any organization. In this presentation, we will delve into the comprehensive capabilities of Salesforce Event Monitoring to monitor, prevent, and mitigate threats to sensitive data. We will explore the various facets of event monitoring, including its integration with event monitoring analytics and setup audit trail data, providing invaluable insights into user and organizational behavior.

Furthermore, we will showcase the event monitoring app—a built-in solution within Salesforce designed for effortless exploration of monitoring data. With its intuitive interface, prebuilt dashboards, and datasets, attendees will discover how easy it is to identify suspicious behavior, analyze page performance, and enhance user adoption.

Attendees will gain practical knowledge on setting up the event monitoring app and leveraging its features effectively. Through a quick demo, we will illustrate how organizations can harness the power of Salesforce Event Monitoring and Analytics to fortify their data security measures and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Join us to empower your organization with proactive data protection strategies.

10:00, Klub E

a REST call, a Wired adapter and Graphql walks into a bar…, David Fernandez Rivero (@DFdezR), 201 level

Brace yourselves for a data-driven session where a REST call, a Wired Adapter, and GraphQL hilariously waltz into a bar. With Salesforce offering more tools than a handyman’s toolbox, choosing the right data retrieval method can feel like trying to pick the right flavor in an ice cream shop with too many choices. Join me as we decipher the punchlines to when, where, and why to opt for each method, making your processes more efficient and secure. By the end, you’ll not only have a good laugh but also know which best practices to follow, ensuring your data-fetching journey is both entertaining and enlightening.

Don’t miss the chance to discover the comedy gold hidden in the realm of Salesforce data retrieval!

10:00, Klub D

Filip Boštík

Tips and tricks for SSJS Development, Filip Boštík, 201 level

Discover practical insights into Salesforce Marketing Cloud development, specifically focusing on Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS). In this session, I’ll share tips and tricks to improve efficiency, code quality and security. Join me as we explore a set of tools, both within SFMC and in Visual Studio Code, designed to enhance your development experience. Let’s dive into the world of SSJS together and uncover ways to streamline and elevate your coding practices.

10:00, Klub A

Neil Hohmann

SOQL 201 for Admins & Developers: Slice & Dice Your Org’s Data With Aggregate Queries, Neil Hohmann, 201 level

Already know how to write a basic SOQL query? Great! But what about an *aggregate* SOQL query? You know, the kind that uses aggregate functions like COUNT & MAX along with GROUP BY and HAVING clauses? No? Well, get ready to learn how to slice & dice your org’s data right inside your own dev console. From finding duplicate records to prototyping summary & matrix reports, learn the ins and outs of aggregate queries during this fast-paced but admin-friendly session on advanced SOQL concepts.

10:30, Panorama Hall

Andrew Davis

Flow Engineering: helping your organization overcome disengagement, disorientation, and distraction, Andrew Davis (@AndrewDavis_io), workshop

Humans evolved to be awesome. But stick us in a big bureaucratic organization and it’s easy for us to become slow and clumsy. How can we recapture our amazing potentiality to be inspired, to understand what’s happening, and to operate in a flow state?

Flow Engineering is a way of improving team performance through fun, gamified exercises. We’ll look at how to get the team clear on the big picture, how everyone’s work fits together, and how to dive deep into performance improvements.

This interactive session will introduce the basics of Flow Engineering so you feel comfortable getting started and learning more.