The doors will open. Coffee & tea ready to put you up to speed, you already had your breakfast at home or in the hotel. Time for catch-up with friends or get a new friends.

Swags for the quickest, sponsors full of energy as well.


Everyone ready for the welcome words, already seated in the main room. We cannot wait to see you and have a selfie with you.


Domenique Sillett Buxton

Keynote, Domenique Sillett Buxton

When I joined Salesforce I was the sole creative on the Developer Marketing team. We were a small group yet passionately committed to building a community of makers, dreamers, and doers. No sales talk. Just purpose and inspiration. And then we made Astro, built Trailhead, and the amps went up to 11. And this thing called Trailheart happened because our community and our company said YES. In that order.


Quick break. The quickest will be able to grab another tea & coffee, visit sponsors to get additional stamps to the collection for the raffle at the end of the day. And quick chat with friends before each of you will run into different room.


Get AI Associate Certified

It cannot be simpler:

  • you let us know that you want to do that;
  • you’ll study;
  • you’ll bring your computer, which can run WebAssessor Safe Browser;
  • you’ll bring your government ID;
  • Salesforce’ll provide vouchers;
  • you’ll pass.


Lunch time

Something typical counting with vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well. Beer (might be) included, as well as something sweet to get you ready for the next BIG thing.

14:00, Panorama

Figma Crash Course for everyone: Creating quick mockups using SLDS asset library, Katka Vokrinkova, workshop

This hands-on workshop is designed for all consultants, business analysts, architects, and developers aiming to efficiently deliver high-fidelity prototypes using the most popular design tool and the Lightning Design System (SLDS). We will cover Figma basics, introduce SLDS Figma asset library, and guide participants in creating both static and interactive prototypes with ready-made components.

Stop using Paint, printscreens, or Microsoft Word when you need to design a custom LWC or quickly reshuffle Account record page to have a focused conversation with client. Bring your laptop; a free Figma license is all you need.


Coffee break. Tea break. Sweet break. And something salt as well.

16:00, Panorama Hall

Andrew Davis

Flow Engineering: helping your organization overcome disengagement, disorientation, and distraction, Andrew Davis (@AndrewDavis_io), workshop

Humans evolved to be awesome. But stick us in a big bureaucratic organization and it’s easy for us to become slow and clumsy. How can we recapture our amazing potentiality to be inspired, to understand what’s happening, and to operate in a flow state?

Flow Engineering is a way of improving team performance through fun, gamified exercises. We’ll look at how to get the team clear on the big picture, how everyone’s work fits together, and how to dive deep into performance improvements.

This interactive session will introduce the basics of Flow Engineering so you feel comfortable getting started and learning more.



Closing words

Time to wrap-up.