The agenda for CzechDreamin is fixed and you probably already bought a ticket, now looking for flights/bus/train to Prague and a good accommodation (still trying to put together some good deal for you). It doesn’t make sense to fly just for the Thursday and we are fully aware of it, so Prague Community Groups got together and prepared full day long workshops for Friday you might be interested in. And we are still in the process to put something together for Saturday. The workshops are paid extra, CzechDreamin attendees got discount code and shouldn’t be scare to use them 🙂 All of them are a whole day long so you cannot attend more than one, all includes refreshment during the whole day and will take place at PwC offices (Hvezdova 2c, Prague 4). If there is any extra income we will donate it to some nice non-profit (work in progress) Interested in workshop? Check them out!