We will not let you leave Czech Republic after our event without some optional weekend activities. Of course you are more than welcome to have your own plans, but maybe you will want to join us.

Saturday – trip to Pilsen

For Saturday we plan a trip to Pilsen to taste our famous beer.

We will leave in the morning via train, so we are free to roam around, change seats and have some space to talk. It will take roughly 1,5 hours to arrive to Pilsen, where we will walk to the brewery and have a guided tour through the factory with some tasting along the way.

After that we will stop for a lunch in local restaurant (beer included again) and take a stroll to our train back to Prague.

Get your tickets for this activity. (the sale ends a week before the event!)

Sunday – Prague sightseeing

On Sunday morning and around noon (if you still have time before your flight/train back) you can join a Prague tour with experienced tour guide who will have just us in the group.

He will get us through the Old Town, the whole tour will take roughly 2,5 – 3 hours, so expect some serious walking on Prague’s cobblestones and leave your high heels at the hotel.

Get your tickets for this activity.