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Enehano blends business & IT with a special focus on automating marketing, sales, service and back-office processes. Thanks to our experienced team of 85+ professionals, we are able to understand and anticipate customers’ needs, and business issues and address Salesforce solutions to maximize your potential. It is the original Czech implementation partner of Salesforce.

We focus on customers of finance, telecommunications, transportation, scalable start-ups, manufacturing, and utilities.

Since 2022, we have been the Salesforce Summit Partner and have also been awarded Salesforce Rising Star for 2018.

Enehano is celebrating its 7th birthday this year and has customers in CZ, SK, DE, USA, and the Nordic region.

The Enehano team has over 180 Salesforce certifications. We have already delivered more than 90 implementations for all types of clients.

We entered the Slovak market in 2021. We solemnly opened our new branches in Brno, Bratislava, and Košice.

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Kindred is Publicis Groupe’s tech & data Center of Excellence focusing on end-to-end digital experience solutions. We help brands to evolve customer experience through data & technology. Thanks to our highly experienced teams we leverage expertise in areas of Strategic Consultancy, MarTech Platforms, Customer Experience Solutions, Engineering, Large-scale Websites Migration, Marketing Automation, and Marketing Operations Centralization.

Our Prague office is ready to leverage experience with variety of MarTech platforms such as CRM, CMS and CDP solutions in order to maximize business value of data-driven connected ecosystems. Kindred covers E2E services from strategy, implementation to establishing operation models and activation.

Want to know more? Visit www.kindred.cz and follow us on LinkedIn.

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EzProtect by Adaptus

Most people are unaware that Salesforce doesn’t scan files uploaded to Salesforce for viruses and other threats.

But why should you even care?

The bottom line is viruses help attackers steal your data in Salesforce and other systems!

According to an IBM study, a single attack could cost your organization more than 4.65 million after a single attack, and that doesn’t even include the cost to repair your damaged reputation.

EzProtect is the leading provider for virus protection in Salesforce, helping to help protect and notify you when you are at risk.

Contact us today for a FREE Salesforce security assessment to see if you are at risk or meet and speak to us in person at our booth.

If you would like to learn more about the risk of viruses in Salesforce, check out our blog Viruses, Malware, and Ransomware…Is Your Salesforce Data Actually Secure?

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Electronic documents are essential for consumer communication in today’s digital world. Customers expect a remarkable experience across all the channels and interactions. With PDF Butler, you will be able to fulfil these goals.

“Documents no longer need to be dull!“

You can amaze your customers through offers, quotes, contracts, and even bills. Creating professional-looking e-documents does not have to be time-consuming or costly. However, most e-doc solutions on the market do not meet the business needs. This makes the process of creating and maintaining documents an assignment. The outcome frequently does not follow the company’s objective but is accepted as a compromise.

PDF Butler makes it possible that everyone can design the documents they envision in their favourite text editor: MS Word! Changing it is as easy as updating the Word Document and uploading it to PDF Butler.

“PDF Butler, SIGN Butler and Salesforce combined creates one of the strongest synergies and workflows in business out there.“

In one click, generate your document and sent it out for digital signature.

“Let your customers sign anywhere, anytime!”

Maintaining brand consistency in any customer interaction like emails, documents, signing pages and more.

By combining Salesforce.com, PDF Butler & SIGN Butler, it is possible to streamline the digital signing process without ever leaving Salesforce

By Improving the signer’s journey, incorporating responsive design and saving time, SIGN Butler and PDF Butler is built for Salesforce.com. Always keeping your data security as our top priority.

Send and track your quotes from anywhere and any device at any time.

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Lattice CRM is a privately owned Salesforce ISV Partner and Consulting company based out of Los Angeles, California with global operations. We help businesses solve problems with innovative solutions that drive outcomes.

Lattice CRM’s flagship product in Salesforce is the Multilingual Quote Generator App. We reimagined the quote generation process in Salesforce and made it more efficient, faster and cost effective. With this product, users can generate a quote in their language of choice within a few seconds from any device & even from the Salesforce1 Mobile App with the click of a button.

Multilingual Quote Generator is used by small, medium and enterprise customers generating thousands of quotes in a year. If you are looking at ways to improve the efficiency of the quote generation process in Salesforce, visit us @ https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000EcrP2UAJ and try our product or visit us @ www.latticecrm.com

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Target Everest is a progressive Salesforce consulting partner with offices in Slovakia, Portugal and India.

Our team of 20+ experts holds over 100 certifications, providing consulting, implementation, and customization services to improve business processes and customer engagement. We offer creative problem-solving solutions tailored to each organization’s unique needs, leveraging industry best practices and Salesforce products.

Our offices around the world allow us to provide local expertise and tailored solutions to meet our clients’ business objectives.

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Merkle is a leading data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company that specializes in the delivery of unique, personalized customer experiences across platforms and devices. The company’s heritage in data, technology, and analytics forms the foundation for its unmatched skills in understanding consumer insights that drive hyper-personalized marketing strategies.

With 12,000+ employees worldwide and over 200 in the Czech Republic, Merkle drives improved marketing results and competitive advantage for the Top 500 companies throughout the Central and Eastern Europe. Our digital enthusiasts combine their expertise in Digital Transformation Strategy, MarTech Platforms, Creation, User Experience (UX), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data, Commerce, Mobile and Content Management System (CMS). Together we inspire transformation. We dream, we do, we deliver.

The company has offices in Prague and Brno in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Serbia and Portugal. In 2016, Merkle joined dentsu, forming the largest brand within the group. For more information visit www.merkleinc.cz and follow us on LinkedIn.


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Domenique Sillett Buxton

Keynote, Domenique Sillett Buxton

When I joined Salesforce I was the sole creative on the Developer Marketing team. We were a small group yet passionately committed to building a community of makers, dreamers, and doers. No sales talk. Just purpose and inspiration. And then we made Astro, built Trailhead, and the amps went up to 11. And this thing called Trailheart happened because our community and our company said YES. In that order.