JoAnn Culbertson

Secure the Cloud: Salesforce Integration Security Shindig, JoAnn Culbertson, 201 level

Get ready for the geekiest party in the cloud! Join me for a Salesforce Integration Security Shindig, where we’ll be unraveling the mysteries of securing your Salesforce integrations with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of tech magic. In a world where even your data needs a bodyguard, the session is bound to be the best-dressed event in security!

We will cover:

**Cybersecurity Stand-up Comedy:** Because who said securing integrations can’t be a laughing matter? Brace yourself for some cybersecurity stand-up comedy to keep your spirits high while we lock down your data.

**Best Practices (and Dad Jokes):** Learn the best practices for integration security while also enjoying a curated selection of top-tier dad jokes.

**Q&A Sessions (or Quiz & Anecdotes): Have your burning questions answered during Q&A sessions, where we might throw in a quiz or share amusing anecdotes. Bonus points for the most creative security-related joke!

Don’t miss out on the learning, and a touch of whimsy, at the Integration Security Shindig – where data security meets a good time!