Salesforce Implementation as Product Management – the essence of Product Owner, George Avilov (@GeorgyAvilov), 101 level

 In the dynamic world of CRM systems, Salesforce stands out as a leader, offering unparalleled customisation and scalability. However, the success of its implementation heavily relies on more than just technical prowess; it requires strategic internal leadership. This presentation delves into the crucial role of the Internal Product Owner in Salesforce implementation.

We will explore the importance of having an Internal Product Owner, a role that transcends traditional project management. Unlike external consultants, an Internal Product Owner brings in-depth knowledge of the company’s culture, processes, change management and business objectives, aligning the Salesforce implementation with the core business strategy.

We will gain a comprehensive understanding of why Internal Product Owners are not just beneficial, but essential for the successful implementation of Salesforce, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity, user satisfaction, and business growth.