How to lose a project in 5 ways and how consultants, admins and end users can avoid these issues, Jasmine Ashley

As a consultant or administrator, have you ever been in a project that went off track?? Have you then stopped and evaluated what went wrong? Pondered how you would do it if you could do it all again before moving on to the next one?
As a client, have you decided that its time to start using Salesforce? You are excited, you can see the benefits it will create but are also a little nervous, you haven’t done this before, or you did, but it was a while back and you are not sure what to look out for this time around?

Projects can go wrong because we can overlook these 5 things. How can we work together to make sure we get the results we both ultimately want. Join this session to learn or reminisce about 5 typical project issues and how together we can address these to succeed in your salesforce paths.

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