Lightning BaseComponent & LWC BaseService, Svatopluk Sejkora

We have created reusable component for lightning (both Aura and LWC) that handles most common repeating tasks:

  • call apex using promise (Aura, for LWC error and success messages handling)
  • create notification using notifLibrary (Aura, for LWC there is different approach)
  • properly show spinner

these are tasks that you as a developer need to handle every time you work with lightning and creating cool functionality for your users. I will explain how to create a reusable base component, how to use it and why it is so important to have it standardized within your org. Main benefit is that you are not creating showSpinner, callApex methods within every helper of every component, you just use the base component and it handles all of it for you. We will have a look at differences in implementation in Aura and in LWC.

Component is using javascript promises so I would suggest to have basic knowledge of how they works for dev session.

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